What are the Warning Signs of Infection After Abortion?

As with many medical procedures, infection after an abortion is possible.  Pelvic infection is considered the most common type of infection following abortion. If left untreated, it can lead to severe complications.  Symptoms to watch for include heavy vaginal bleeding, which can indicate an incomplete abortion and put you at risk for infection.  If you

7 Top Pregnancy Symptoms?

Are you feeling off or different? If you’re sexually active, your first thought could be pregnancy. It’s easy to jump to conclusions but note that some pregnancy symptoms are common for other medical conditions, such as viruses, PMS, or food poisoning. To find out for sure, visit our center in Brazos County for free pregnancy

What Are the Different Types of Abortion?

Generally speaking, there are two categories of abortion: medical and surgical.  While medical abortion uses drugs to terminate a pregnancy through 10 weeks gestation, a surgical abortion uses a mixture of dilation, suction, and tools to extract the growing fetus. Surgical abortions can be performed later in pregnancy than medical abortion, but availability depends on

How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

If you’re facing an unintended pregnancy and nervous about telling your parents, that’s understandable. You might be worried about how your parents will react, or maybe you’re scared their opinion of you will change.  No matter what you’re feeling, there are steps you can take to make it easier for you to tell your parents

How Does an Ultrasound Work?

If you are facing an unintended pregnancy, you may be wondering what an ultrasound is and why you need one. During an ultrasound, a small wand emits high-frequency sound waves that bounce off tissues in the body. These sound waves create a picture, which is displayed on a screen.  What are Ultrasounds Used for During

Am I Eligible for the Abortion Pill? 

The abortion pill is a medical abortion procedure performed early in pregnancy.   It’s FDA-approved through the first ten weeks of pregnancy, after which an abortion provider might recommend another form of abortion as safer for you.  Eligibility or Safety?  There’s not a set of requirements you officially need to meet before an abortion provider prescribes

What Are the Risks of Abortion?

Abortion, like every medical procedure, carries risks. These risks vary depending on the type of abortion that a woman receives. Read on to learn more about the risks associated with abortion so that you can make an informed decision regarding your healthcare choices.  Risks of Medical Abortion A medical abortion uses the drugs mifepristone and

What Are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Any time you have sex, there is always a chance for pregnancy. At different times of the month the chance can increase or decrease, but because sperm can live in a woman’s body for a couple of days, it’s impossible to know what your chances are at any given time.

Why Do I Need an Ultrasound?

So you’ve had a positive pregnancy test (or maybe several). There are probably so many thoughts and emotions swimming through your mind right now that you don’t even know where to begin. Where should you go from here? What is the next step?

The Steps You Need to Take Before an Abortion

If you are considering abortion as a pregnancy option, know that you are not alone. There are several crucial steps that you need to take before obtaining an abortion, whether medical or surgical.


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