Can You Travel to Another State for an Abortion? 

Understanding abortion laws can feel disorienting, especially if you already feel overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy. 

Some states have abortion restrictions, so women travel to other states for an abortion. If you’re considering an abortion, there are six things you should know before traveling!

1. Know About the Types of Abortion. 

There are two types of abortion—surgical and medical abortion. Before you travel, you’ll want to understand the processes and risks of these procedures. 

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2. Know How Far Along You Are in Your Pregnancy. 

Most abortion laws depend on your gestational age, or how far along you are in your pregnancy. Plus, a medical abortion, or abortion pill, has only been approved by the FDA for up to 10 weeks.1 If a woman has a regular menstrual period, then she can estimate her gestational age. But an ultrasound is the most exact way to figure out how far along you are. 

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3. Know the Laws in Your State. 

Abortion is currently banned in Texas, except to preserve the life of the mother. This will not affect care for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. A woman who seeks or obtains an abortion will not be held criminally or civilly liable under Texas law.2, 3 

The majority of states with abortion restrictions do not prosecute women who choose an abortion. However, in some states, individuals who aid a woman in obtaining an abortion could be civilly prosecuted. This could include aiding with transportation or finances.

4. Know the Laws in Other States. 

Although the Constitution protects a woman’s right to travel to another state for an abortion, abortion must be legal in that state.4 So, you’ll want to know the abortion laws in the state you plan to travel to. Other states could also have further restrictions such as required counseling, ultrasounds, or a waiting period before an abortion. 

5. Know the Cost. 

A medical abortion, or abortion pills, can cost up to $700. Surgical abortions can cost up to $800 in the first trimester, to $2,000 in the second trimester.5 These costs often include fees for ultrasounds, blood tests, medications, and follow-up appointments. Traveling for an abortion also includes the cost of travel, lodging, and even missing work. 

Medicaid will not cover an abortion if you travel out of state. Some private insurance companies may cover the cost, but you’ll need to check with them. 

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7. Know About Follow-Up.

As with any medical procedure, follow-up care is recommended to evaluate for complications. Complications from the abortion pills could include retained pregnancy tissue, heavy bleeding, allergic reaction, or infection.6 Whereas complications from a surgical abortion could include uterine perforation, infection, or bleeding.7

So, if you travel out of state, you’ll need to know how long you might need to remain in the state for follow-up with the abortion provider.

Abortion Information in College Station, Texas 

We understand that abortion may feel like the best option for you right now. Before you spend time, money, and energy on traveling out of state, consider scheduling a confidential appointment at Hope Pregnancy Center.

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