If you are considering abortion as a pregnancy option, know that you are not alone. There are several crucial steps that you need to take before obtaining an abortion, whether medical or surgical.

1. Know the abortion laws in your state. Abortion laws and restrictions vary depending on which state you live or reside in. As of August 25th, 2022, abortion at any stage of pregnancy is illegal in the state of Texas.

2. Check to ensure that you have a viable pregnancy. In some cases, even if you have had a positive pregnancy test, your pregnancy is not considered viable, or you are not pregnant at all. You may be experiencing a miscarriage, or the baby could be implanted outside of the uterus (ectopic pregnancy). In any of these cases, it would be unnecessary and possibly even dangerous to undergo an abortion.

3. Make sure you have thoroughly considered all of your options. An abortion is a choice that is final. Some women report that they do not experience feelings of regret, but many women do experience emotional and psychological effects years or even decades after their abortion. It is very important to ensure that you have explored your other pregnancy options in detail before deciding on an abortion. Even if you do not think that parenting or making an adoption plan could ever be the right choice for you, it is worth doing research before completely ruling out either option.

4. Research your abortion provider. Is this a legitimate abortion provider? Does this person have good reviews? Continuity of care? What is his/her policy if something were to go wrong during the abortion? Is there a hospital nearby?

5. Talk with a medical professional who knows your history. Discuss with your primary care physician if an abortion is safe for you medically. Do you have a history of or any current STIs that need treatment before undergoing an abortion procedure? Do you have a history of mental health disorders that could affect your psychological wellbeing after an abortion? If you do not have a primary care physician that knows your medical history, make sure to be open and honest about your history with the doctor who is advising you.

6. Talk to someone you trust. It is never a good idea to make a decision about abortion in isolation. Consider talking to someone who you trust, whether that is a friend, family member, a priest/pastor, or your partner. You can also always speak with our staff at Hope. We have trained client advocates who will help you process.

Before deciding on abortion, it is important that you take the six things above into consideration. Hope Pregnancy Center has information on abortion laws and pregnancy options, provides ultrasounds to check pregnancy viability, has licensed medical professionals on staff, and has client advocates who have been through an abortion experience and would be happy to share with you. Call to schedule your free and confidential appointment today.